Changing Lives Through Dancing – March 17, 2023

Changing Lives Through Dancing – March 17, 2023

Changing Lives through Dancing by David Woodbury                                       

Arthur Murray Santa Monica


It’s time to dance. Our phones are ringing and ringing with calls saying, “I want to do something NEW in my life”. Students are coming in to have fun, fitness, learn to dance, and have a bit of social connection. The first step to taking a lesson is to just call for your first lesson and you’ll “Walk In and Dance Out!”


Why should you dance at Arthur Murray Santa Monica? Well, firstly we’re open, and we made it through these last unspeakable years, and we are strong, and we are growing. We all went through the pandemic together, and we’ll all dance forward together.


All of us we affected by the crisis. Our whole lives where tossed upside down and there were sometimes, we just could not keep up with all the changes. Even now, especially if you frequent your favorite businesses, or you own a business, staffing is a challenge right now.


We are so fortunate at Arthur Murray Santa Monica to have such a wonderful staff who came to us as champions, dance executives, competitors, and just truly great people!


Need to beat the blues? Out of shape? Need a jump-start? Come in and dance with us. Even now as you read this, call us at 310-260-8886 and tell the Arthur Murray Professional who answers the phone that YOU ARE READY to Dance!


This October is my 47th year as an Arthur Murray Dance Professional. I will never quit dancing and I will never leave Arthur Murray. I love the fun, the people, the music, the competitions, trips and events. I love learning and I love that our school is a safe place for all people to attend. Our motto is “Hospitality”. All are welcome. Come dancing with us!


This letter sends love and all the joy of dancing to you.


Thanks for reading. Keep on Dancing. Don’t give up. It will get better.

Love to you all,

David Woodbury – Franchisee of Arthur Murray Santa Monica, CA