“What to do in ‘22”

“What to do in ‘22”

Week 51 12-17-21 “What to do in ‘22”

Changing Lives Through Dancing – by David Woodbury

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica, CA


We have just danced through the holidays. The Murray Christmas Party, Holiday Star Ball, all our Tournament of Champions themed parties and events. It’s amazing that we are dancing again and growing and prospering once more.


Disneyland is in full swing again along with theme parks being open. The performing arts are open again with the theatre, opera, and symphony open worldwide. Sports are back and American is ballroom dancing again.


Now after these past two years, I am experiencing a lovely present and a hopeful future. Within the Arthur Murray Dance world, many new schools are being open all over America and around the world. Imagine opening a new Arthur Murray Dance Center at this time. These owners have true vision and grit to make their schools great successes.


“Feel Happy and New in 2022” “May all your Dancing Dreams come true in 2022” “Feel New in 2022” “We’re Cooler than You in ’22” “2022 – Dancing is for You!” “22 We’ll See It Through” “Having Fun – Dancing in in ’22 is #1!” “Clap your hands, stomp your feet, Dancing in ‘22 can’t be beat” “Dance aPlenty in 2022” “Fun for You, Dance in ‘22” “It’s True, We’re Dancing in ‘22” “


Now is the time to hone our positivity skills and put our best foot forward. Now is the time to have clear vision and strong dreams. We have trained all our lives for this moment and we need all the enthusiasm and strength we can muster.


How can you feel better during this time? First, encourage someone else. Give a word of hope and love to a friend or even a new acquaintance. Tell them something you like about them. Ask them, is there anything I could do for you today? Compliment someone and say a heartwarming thank you.


The answer in my life to sadness and depression is to give kindness, hope, encouragement and guidance to others. This is the best medicine I have ever taken for a happy life.


Jump into 2022. It will get better. We will make it through this and have a great New Year and a great next year. Be full of hope and encouragement.


Keep on Dancing

David Woodbury