“What to do for your dancing now”

“What to do for your dancing now”

Week 45 11-5-21 “What to do for your dancing now”

Changing Lives Through Dancing – by David Woodbury                                                                          

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica, CA


As we emerge from this global pandemic, dancing is back in swing again. In Santa Monica in LA County, we are fully masked and are mandated to have our vaccines. We are practicing dancing safely and making sure to provide a safe place for the staff, students and guests.


Now that we are having dancing events and competitions again, what is next for you in your dancing now? Here are a few ideas of what to do at your Arthur Murray Dance Center in our “new normal”.


First, take lessons regularly. This will keep you in good shape and give you some good aerobic exercise. Also, your mind will reawaken after almost two years of Zoom meetings and working from home.


Second, have a plan. I recommend checking out of your levels of dance. Arthur Murray Dance Centers are known for the Medalist System. Our dancers graduate from levels of ballroom dancing which enables a strong and steady progress. Learning your dance steps and checking out of the levels is a great way to keep your mind sharp, fresh, clear and happy.


Third, plan a project. Dance a spotlight. Don’t worry about being new, not prepared, nervous, or just not ready. You’ve been sitting around, except for our essential workers, for two years. No one feels ready or prepared right now. Many dancers tell me they are not ready for a coaching session, routine or competition. I always say to them, you are ready the moment you finish your first spotlight. You just must take a deep breath and take the floor and dance. You’ll be happy you did!


Forth, attend privates, groups and parties. Your private lessons are not enough. You need to learn in group classes so you are not just dancing with a professional all the time. Plus, after dancing with a lot of other students, you’ll appreciate your great teacher more and more! Dancing with other students makes you strong and makes your dancing solid. The dance parties give you experience with floor craft and dancing with others moving around you (floorcraft).


Fifth, master using your calendar. Plan your lessons weekly, even better, twice weekly. Plan all your studio visits. Plan all your spotlight parties, competitions, and dancing events. It will give you something fun to look forward to and it will keep you happy and cherry and you will always beat the blues!


For 45 years now, I have always had something fun to look forward to with my dancing! I have avoided the holiday blues by dancing each year end from Halloween to New Year’s and beyond. I love dancing in the new year for it starts up the new events of the year and it comes with new goals and expectations. I’ve had a happy life with Arthur Murray and now that I’m a Silver Citizen of Arthur Murray, I can offer words of hope, comfort, and vision to dancers of all levels and backgrounds.


Love your life. This comes by being in the moment day by day and dancing is the best way to be happy in the present, without regret from the past or worry about the future.


Keep on Dancing

Remember, It will get better!

David Woodbury