“Why is Ballroom Dancing is So Good for You?”

“Why is Ballroom Dancing is So Good for You?”

Week 41, 10-8-21 “Why is Ballroom Dancing is So Good for You?

Changing Lives Through Dancing – by David Woodbury                                                                          

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica, CA


Why is Ballroom Dancing So Good For You?


My head is spinning from all the news on covid right now. I just can’t find peace when I watch the news and all that is happening. Wherever you are in your journey , it is a challenging time for all of us.


Where do I find solace? When I enter our Arthur Murray Dance Center, I feel so welcome. Our theme is Hospitality and our motto is “All are welcome”. That is offered first to our great staff who have come back after two stay-at-home closures, and also to our great students who give us the reason to come in every day and dance!


Four Reasons to Dance Now:



It’s good for your mental and physical health. Before covid, we all had the SantaMonica/LALifestyle.  Busy all the time. Then, we were homebound for weeks at a time. Now that we are gathering again, we are getting back into the habit of moving and loving dance, music and life again. Mentally dancing keeps us present in the moment. Physically, dancing requires a lot of energy.


In the very beginning when we started our practice parties, everyone was just so tuckered out from all the dancing. We had forgotten the physical benefit of dancing. Even now, after teaching and dancing in a group class and a dance party, I am still getting back to my former dancing self.



Dancing is social. We have all been “Zoomed” out for almost two years and we are starving for social connections with family, friends, and co-workers. When we restated our dance parties, I was amazed that at the beginning of each party session, everyone just gathered around the refreshments and just chatted, laughed, and connected for the first 15 minutes. Everyone was so thrilled to be together, even in masks!



Dancing is so much fun! I had forgotten all the laughter that goes with the groups and the dance parties. I had forgotten how much fun an in-person lesson was vs a Zoom dance lesson. Dancing releases endorphins that are our “happy” hormones. When you dance, the body warms up and you become free from worry, pain, sadness, depression, and you feel joy, happiness, hope, and freedom!



Dancing gives you something wonderful to look forward to. As we plan our year-end events at Arthur Murray Santa Monica, I realize how much we missed last year. The Graduation Ball Cruise in Marina del Rey. The 400+ person Murray Christmas Party. The Holiday Star Ball at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel.


Our school is a buzz with excitement over all the upcoming events we have planned. The Superama at the Bellagio in Las Vegas to the Hularama in Hawaii in January. Everyone is full of joy and anticipation for the fantastic calendar of dancing ahead for us all.


Hopefully these four of many, many reasons to dance now will inspire and motivate you to return to dancing at Arthur Murray today!


Remember, it will get better!


Keep on Dancing,

David Woodbury