7-16-21 “Why Do We Dance?” Changing Lives Through Dancing!

7-16-21 “Why Do We Dance?” Changing Lives Through Dancing!

Week 28  7-9-21 “Why Do We Dance?”


Changing Lives Through Dancing – by David Woodbury                                                                           Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica, CA


As we are living in these fast-changing times, it is tough to get our bearings. Sometimes it’s tough to just catch our breath. Turning on the news is always a great way to get our blood pressure go up higher and higher.


Just as we think things are getting back to normal, boom, another surge of COVID-19. Now, LA County is wearing masks indoors again as of this weekend as the cases of infections rise and rise once more.


So now, we dance. We learn how to balance ourselves with great posture. We learn Poise, Grace, Carriage and Composure. We learn how to stand on perfect feet. And we practice developing our core strength. Our bodies loosen up with the Cuban motion and we relax our shoulders with arm and hand styling.


The music of dance gives us a break from the worries of the day. We get lost in the smooth counting of 123, 123 of Waltz. We enjoy the rhythm of QQS QQS for Salsa. The excitement of Tango through SS QQS makes us feel dynamic and courageous. The smooth dances of Foxtrot and Waltz sooth us and refreshes our minds and souls.


The fast dancing of Cha Cha Cha, the 123 123 Rock Step of Swing, and the quick movement of Salsa keep us limber, quick thinking, and on top of our game.


Why do I dance? It keeps my heart and soul full of hope and peace and strengthens my dreams, hopes, and vision to live. Dancing gives me a fun way to be social with others and have a laugh or two in the process. The happy faces dancing on the floor from all backgrounds, levels, ages give me joy and hope.


The best reason to dance is that it is good for you. If the dancing is for you and a partner, you are experiencing some of the best fun a couple can have. If you are dancing just for yourself, then you are giving back to yourself through increased self-confidence, good health, and self-improvement.


Really, you don’t need a reason to dance. Just come in, step on the dance floor, begin to move to the music and love life again while dancing!


Keep your hope. It will get better and you are going to make it my friend!

Love you all,

David Woodbury