June 11, 2021 “Faith, Hope, Vision, Dreams”

June 11, 2021 “Faith, Hope, Vision, Dreams”

Changing Lives Through Dancing!

Over 100 business have closed in Santa Monica and our city ranks as the 5th hardest hit city in the nation, in terms of small businesses, following Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francisco and Honolulu.

During the Riots of May 31st, 2020, many businesses who were looking forward to reopening again soon were looted or burned. A horrible event during a world-wide pandemic and a horrific day in Santa Monica.

For Arthur Murray Santa Monica, we were closed a total of 175 days, 3 months, a brief opening, then another 3 months of closure once again letting our staff go for a second time.

Now, we are almost fully open. Santa Monica and LA County in California has been hit very hard, harder than most other places. Still, we have occupancy restrictions and we continue to wear masks (masks are still very controversial).

Joel Rieck and I are co-owners of Arthur Murray Santa Monica. Just before our school was forced to close, we were running at full capacity and having the best year of our 8 years of being open. Then, completely shut down and closed overnight.

Today, students are returning, and we are having group classes and our first Arthur Murray Dance Party on Friday, June 11th. The first party since mid-March 2020!

We’re so excited to being fully reopened very soon with no restrictions (yes to masks since we are dancing!).

Now to the nuts and bolts of reopening. We are working out the details of having been closed for 175 days and what that means for us. We are welcoming back students and looking for returning staff after 15 months. We have our first in-studio event scheduled and students and teachers signing up for in-person dance competitions.

We are planning for events in the Fall and Winter of 2021 and getting ready for the flood of new students that is already happening. Also, all the couples who are preparing for their first dance. Many, many wedding couples beginning to return.

We’re welcoming all those who have been on Zoom meetings at home for 15+ months and who are hungry to be around people in person and they are ready to dance and have some fun at Arthur Murray.

For Joel and for me, we never lost our faith, hope, vision and dream of our school. The pandemic did not break our spirits or backs. Was it rough, yes. Did I shed tears as our thriving business was suddenly closed, yes! But we never gave up.

Now we are polishing up our dream of a vibrant, successful and exciting Arthur Murray Dance Center here in Santa Monica.

We invite you to come back and dance with us. Join us for private lessons, groups and parties and find out how to attend a dancing event. Make dancing an active and important part of your life again. Invest in yourself and let dancing make you happy, surrounding yourself with music, dance, people and fun at Arthur Murray.

If you are near the Santa Monica area, call us to resume your lessons, or take your very first lesson. Dancing is great for all ages, for all couples, or just for you!

Come join us as we revitalize our dream and help us as a small business in Santa Monica grow, stay strong, and continue to serve our city in so many, many ways.

Our theme is “All Are Welcome” and YOU are welcome to come dancing with us.

Remember, “It will get better!”…..and it will!

Thanks for reading!

David Woodbury

Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica