May 7, 2021 “We are Open Once Again!” Arthur Murray Santa Monica

May 7, 2021 “We are Open Once Again!” Arthur Murray Santa Monica

Week 19 May 7, 2021 “We are Open Once Again!”


Welcome back to Arthur Murray Santa Monica! We were closed for two separate lockdowns that totaled 176 days having our doors shut! We taught lessons from our living room, group classes and even dance socials on Zoom! During the second lockdown we taught on Zoom again and just recently opened our doors to private lessons and now group classes.


Yes, we are all wearing masks, taking temperatures and using social distancing and sanitizing after each event. As for masks, I did not have one cold or flu last year, so I am, at 65, continuing to wear my mask just to avoid sinus problems, protect myself, and have more peace of mind. I’ve learned to smile with my eyes after all this time.


A year ago, we were still safer at home, in shock that our vibrant business was shut down. I’m still in shock from the closures.


Then May 31st happened. I had been baking that morning when I notice many, many loud cars driving past our home. I knew that was unusual.  Then, at around Noon a huge protest march went past our home. Then we saw on the news that looting had begun and another protest march came within a block from our home.


As the looting and burning started, we saw two lines of National Guard right in front of our house blocking the street, everyone was yelling, as a group of looters came within a block of our home. We could see all of this from our front porch and living room. The violent crowd was pushed back after breaking windows and trying to loot the local businesses.


Then, on the Internet, we saw from a news helicopter, looters destroying several businesses in OUR BUILDING and nearby.  All the pharmacies were looted and the nail salon. The convenience store owners on the opposite corner stood out in front of their business with shotguns all night and I think they saved our business.


The next morning, hundreds of Santa Monicans were out in force repainting, sweeping up glass and wiping off graffiti. When it was light and we arrived at Arthur Murray, most of the graffiti was washed off and the building was getting new paint over the markings. 


First COVID-19, then riots. Many, many businesses were damaged and burned. Only now after almost a year, are the buildings ready to rent again after the many arsonist fires. 


Now, we are having Mass indoors again at St. Monica Parish, with limitations, schools are reopening, and the restrictions are being lifted to the Yellow Level. Even Disneyland has reopened. Last year, Disneyland closed on a Friday, then we were forced to close the following Monday.


We are a small business that has made it so far. We welcome you back and ask you to come back in and help support us as we strive to give the best Arthur Murray dance lessons and get our school where it was a year ago.


Come back to dancing at Arthur Murray! You’ll be glad you did!


Remember, we will make it through all this. It will get better…and it will!


Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting Arthur Murray in Santa Monica! We appreciate you!


Love you all,

David Woodbury