“Work, Love, Dance, Sing, Live” by David Earl Woodbury

“Work, Love, Dance, Sing, Live” by David Earl Woodbury

Week 33 8-14-20 “Work, Love, Dance, Sing, Live”

Work like you don’t need the money. 
Love like nobody has ever hurt you. 
Dance like nobody is watching. 
Sing like nobody is listening. 
Live as if this was paradise on Earth. 

Bypass those who are determined to see the worst in the 
world no matter what. 

From Jacques DeBeve


I have not worked in 44 years. Starting as a student in 1975, one day the manager came up to me and said: “You can no longer be a student here!” I asked why. He said, “You are co-teaching all the group classes and you are running my parties, you must become an instructor”, and I did!

In 1978 I met with Miss Vicki Venka who gave me the guidelines of how to formulate my career. I followed all her advice and that led to taking my judges test for Arthur Murray in 1980. I am eternally grateful to Miss Venka for her mentorship then and now.



Well, I have hurt a lot, but I have always felt lucky with love. I had loving parents and a loving family. Joining Arthur Murray so very young, I have had my loving dance family for 44 years. In love, I had a great partner for 16 years who passed away from cancer in 2002. Now, I have a wonderful, loving husband and we have been together 13 years. Yes, lucky in love. (That’s why I cook so much!)



44 Years with Arthur Murray, I’m 64 and still dancing! It’s funny, I’m now at the age of my former Gold, Gold Bar, and Gold Star students. I love to dance, and I can afford the lessons and competition events. I realize why they loved their dancing so much and why they stayed with it in their senior years. It kept them mentally sound, happy, and physically toned. Dancing is a good social outlet and just plain fun to do! I think as I get closer to 65, I’m a good spokesperson for the health and mental benefits of ballroom dancing in all its forms.



J. Clair Woodbury always said ,“Keep a Little Song in Your Heart” and I always have a song in my heart. Students who dance solo routines are always playing their music and the world of songs and music blossoms in front of them. It is our habit to always have dancing music playing here at Arthur Murray. When anyone comes in, they just feel like dancing and moving, and the music lifts their spirits. Perhaps this singing could be best listed under love of music. If you love singing, music, and movement, you’ll love Arthur Murray.



Paradise on Earth is not just a beach in Hawaii, it is a state of mind. I always call it the Aloha spirit. Keeping that joy all year long. My state of mind is filled with the great memories of dancing and all the routines I have choreographed and performed. My silent moments are always full of the music that I can clearly hear in my mind, from Mozart, to Aretha Franklin, from Copeland to Marvin Gaye. I live with the memories of my mother playing hymns on the piano, my father’s great laughter, a my wonderful continued career with Arthur Murray.


While we are in these unprecedented times, I live through trying to give continued great service in all areas of my life. I like things to get better quickly in my life, but the challenges we are facing are not passing quickly, or easily, or even peacefully.

There is an old saying that Time is the Best Doctor for All Things! And yes, time does go on. The present day will end, and the sun will rise in the morning. I cannot stop, alter or delay time, yet I do own my present moment and that I’m always in control of this precious moment.

Remember, we will make it through all this. It will get better…and it will!

Thank you for reading. Thank you for supporting Arthur Murray Santa Monica as a small business in Santa Monica! We appreciate you!

Love to you all. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe. Be Well!

David Woodbury