2-28-20 “Ballroom Dancing as an Oasis”

2-28-20 “Ballroom Dancing as an Oasis”

Our motto this year at Arthur Murray Santa Monica is:

“See Clearly in 2020. Make all your dancing dreams come true!”

No. 09 2-28-2020 “See Clearly in 2020” Changing Lives Through Dancing

“Ballroom Dancing as an Oasis”

During these present times we have a lot of chaos thrown at us. Worldwide virus contamination, election news from every angle, financial and mental stress, and many deadlines. We are surrounded by so much “noise” coming right at us constantly.

Where can we take refuge? Where can we find a moment of peace? There are many avenues to go for relief.

The love of music is a great healer. How about fun exercise? Then there is being with friends and having a great time together. Another route is having a great hobby that gives us a feeling of growth and accomplishment. Perhaps a spiritual and emotional release, something that takes your mind off your worries.

Well let’s see, I bet BALLROOM DANCING can fit all the above criteria. If you love music, you are in heaven during your visit to an Arthur Murray Dance Center. There is always the greatest dancing music playing in the ballroom all the time. You won’t believe the exercise. Just ask anyone who has taken a dance lesson, group and practice party all together. It’s a workout! Dancing may become your great obsession and give you a constant feeling of personal satisfaction.

Dancing can take you to a “safe place” that truly is a spiritual experience. You can dance and just leave all the pressures of the world behind you for just a few hours. Also, you are off your phone and “blue screen free” while you are dancing!

For me, dancing at Arthur Murray Dance Center for over 43 years has given me a family, a lifestyle, a living, many great opportunities of personal growth, and especially a job for the rest of my life! I plan to never quit. As long as people want me and God gives me my health, I’ll continue with Arthur Murray.

Dancing is an Oasis for me. When I teach a lesson, I always say to my students “Teaching you is the best part of my day”.  Both teaching and dancing are never work for me and when I am on the dance floor dancing an exhibition, I feel the safest that ever feel. I am happy, content. At this point in my life, I’ll never dance enough to equal my immense love of dance.

Do you need an Oasis? Do you need a Safe Place? Well then, just enter your local Arthur Murray Dance Center and experience a freedom from all the chaos in the outside world, revive yourself, enjoy yourself, transform yourself.

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Keep on Dancing!