2-14-20 “Characteristics of Arthur Murray Champions”

2-14-20 “Characteristics of Arthur Murray Champions”

Our motto this year at Arthur Murray Santa Monica is:

“See Clearly in 2020. Make all your dancing dreams come true!”

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“Characteristics of Arthur Murray Champions”

Arthur Murray Santa Monica is so blessed to have many, many exciting traveling coaches and champions visiting our school throughout the year. We have been honored with the Queen of Coaches, Miss Vicki Venka, current USA Champions, Arthur Murray European Champions, Champion Coaches who are also Franchisees, and Coaches who are on the fast track to become best in the nation as Top Professional Dancers.

When a coach is in Santa Monica, I am often privileged to take that coach to dinner. The interaction with them is always uplifting and inspiring. The coach might be having an 11-hour day with us and I find out that they first practiced early that day, or they took their own lessons early that morning. Some of our champions leave to go practice an hour away by car for two hours with their own partners.

Our young coaches who are still competing are still taking lessons, they’re on strict diet regimes, exercise programs, and they also work on their spiritual and emotional lives. The champions at the top are always the nicest people one could ever meet, and they have made a commitment to being the best in their lives.

To see and interact with a champion up close, you see the sacrifice of time and finances they have made for their dancing. Many top pro competitors spend a third of their total income on lessons, costumes and travel for competitions. As for time, they live on a tight schedule of practice, teaching, coaching and travel and dancing.

The coaches who do not compete are also very focused. Many travel the world coaching the new champions of today and giving these rising stars their tests for their credentials. The top pros in today’s dance world take many, many of their own private lessons on a regular basis.

The joy they show in their work and the dedication to their goals is amazing to me. I am so full of life and hope after seeing some of the young coaches as they steadily dance up the latter of success all the way to the top.

I am so proud of our Arthur Murray Dance Coaches and Professionals. They are truly an inspiration to me in every aspect of my own dancing career. I challenge you, if you can work with an Arthur Murray Coach, jump at the opportunity. The session with a champion will change you and your dancing future!

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