“How to have a turnaround in your thoughts” 2-7-20

“How to have a turnaround in your thoughts” 2-7-20

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“How to have a turnaround in your thoughts”

Recently, I have been having a rough time with my thoughts. As hard as I tried, I could not pull my mind, soul, and thoughts out of a deep quagmire of negativity. I tried using my trusty “tool kit” of positive thought resources. I even called several of my people on my “safe list” to help me out, and they did help to a degree. But I could not overcome my negative thoughts.

Where did they come from? Illness, fatigue, exhaustion, changes in life, or just being overwhelmed. I tried to count my blessings. I watched comedy on Netflix. I sought out inspirational reading, inspiration messages, inspirational places to go, and it was all a bust. I was in a bad place and it was getting worse and worse.

I then pulled out the “big guns” as I was amid a great time of service to others and giving back in a huge way in my life. Giving service to others has always been my ‘Balm in Gilead’ and my healing medication. But no, no change and no relief. I was truly looking for a respite from my pain.

Being a strong and active advocate for those with depression, I was even aware of what was happening to me and I could only watch it all happening from the outside. What was I going to do?

Then, someone dear to me in my life reached out to me in a terrible time in their own life. They were in danger, peril, and harm’s way. Suddenly, I was needed and the extra special strength that I possess help others in grave times of need came alive. I was full of power, hope, help, advice, love, and I felt a huge surge of energy pour through me. I’m still feeling that electric feeling of hope searing through my veins as I’m writing this!

Now, I am fully focused on some else’s need which is 100 times the struggle what I was experiencing, and that awareness pulled me right out of my funk. In fact, my inner vision has been restored and I am seeing clearly again.

What is the result from all of this? The answer is that in the dark night of the soul there is gloom I once thought the dark tunnel was a straight tunnel and this “magical light” would begin to shine at the end and all hope would be restored. What I failed to realize is that perhaps at the end of the dark tunnel there is are a series of tight curves that block the light at the end.

I learned a lesson. Don’t give up, even in dark times. Don’t lose hope when all seems for naught. Keep going and BAM, there is a quick turn in the road and suddenly this bright of light will hit you and you’ll be quickly freed and the pain will be over, and you’ll probably find that you are helping someone else find their way out of the darkness of life. Please, just don’t give up too soon. You’ll make it. It will get better!

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