No 48 11-29-19 “A Season of Thanksgiving!”

No 48 11-29-19 “A Season of Thanksgiving!”

43+ years of dancing for me with Arthur Murray Dance Centers! I am thankful every day for having ballroom and social dancing in my life. These years have given me a true Arthur Murray family, enabled me to travel the world, dance, judge, choreograph and live a dream life in every way.

Dancing has been a healer, a health-giver, a career, a lifestyle, a friend, a companion, an opportunity to grow and expand in every area in my life! Dancing has given me the confidence to perform and speak in front of a few, or even hundreds of people. I have experienced many, many great opportunities from live TV to traveling the world with Arthur Murray.

The best part of Arthur Murray for me are the friends I have. After four decades, I am surrounded by friends that I have truly grown up with, worked with, coached with, judged with, laughed and cried with, and have shared the love of dancing with.

Sometimes it may seem that we are on the mountain top, then other times we are a low in our lives. I am thankful that I always have someone to laugh with and someone to cry with in this wonderful dance world.

Dancing has also given me the opportunity to serve and give to others. From having dance shows to raise money for great causes to being able to serve in our Santa Monica community have all come through Arthur Murray.

What advice to I have to give to others during this season of thanks? Simply this, learn from the past, embrace the present, and remember that our words and actions will greatly affect our future. There is an old saying, “Do not burn your bridges before you get to them”. The friends we have today will be our precious chosen family in the future. We can’t win everyone over, not everyone will be our best friend, yet we may need the support of others in the future if we keep an open relationship.

Now for my number one reason to be thankful. My incredible parents gave me their best traits from creativity, laughter, loving others, to speaking and leadership skills. My number one gift from my parents was the awakening of what service means to others and what giving back to our community really means. To be free from fear, anger, depression, resentment and unforgiveness, just take time to give back and these traits will disappear and be replaced by hope, love, peace, forgiveness, and joy. Through giving service to others from the Dance Community to our Parish and City, I have found a most grateful heart!

Thanks for reading,

Keep on Dancing!