No 43 10-25-19 “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”

No 43 10-25-19 “Teamwork makes the Dream Work”

Aloha, so happy to be back on my blog after some time away. Joel and I cruised to Hawaii from Vancouver, BC. We had five days at sea each way with NO cell phone signal. That means, no Internet, emails, Netflix, texts, news updates, or Facebook. It was a cleansing time for us, frightening, but also very healing. A very few had purchased Internet minutes on the ship, but they were often heard grumbling because the connection went out all the time at sea.

How did this “cell free” experience affect our voyage? First of all, we dined in the main dining room at 5 PM each day surrounded with a few hundred passengers, and we sat with people we just met for 15 days. We all did this, we laughed and talked with one another. In fact, the whole dining room was full of fun, gaiety, laughter, and conversation. There were whole tables engaged in excited talk and storytelling.

During our elegant breakfasts and luncheons, we always shared an eight-person table with passengers we had never met. We sat down, introduced ourselves to the table and said that we were from Santa Monica and then the conversations began. We heard so many fun stories of past cruises, plans for future cruises, family information and much more.

In the elevators, everyone said hello. People greeted other in the hallways, at the shows and theaters. Truly, no one knew a stranger. Along with the spirit of Aloha that filled the Star Princess, we just had good old fun the whole trip. Yes, upon reaching Oahu, we did retrieve our emails and texts, but they were quickly answered, and we were off to sail again without a cell signal. When we left Hilo, a peace came over us as we once again returned to Airplane mode for five glorious days.

Funny, we saw a whole family sitting at one of the clubs and they had purchased the Internet minute plan. They were all sitting together, all eight of them on their cell phones, not talking and deep into their blue screens. They were sheltered in the world of emails and online streaming. I knew that I too, would be the same way too when returning home, but for a few precious days I was free.

Now to this blog. I was enrolling a loving, wonderful and friendly couple on their Arthur Murray wedding program. They were getting married soon and they were so pleasant. They both were soccer players and both athletes. I asked who was the better player and the groom answered, “Teamwork make the Dream Work”. I asked if I could use this quote for my blog.

Any endeavor goes better with teamwork. I have worked on fantastic teams, bad teams,productive teams, teams that got along, and teams that fought. I have seen teams of all leaders (big fights), and teams without a real leader (nothing got done). My favorite teams were those made up of all dream makers and leaders and givers and movers and shakers. These teams of self-starters were always so motivating and exciting.

Teamwork is not always easy. It requires listening, sacrifice, going the extra mile, patience, selflessness, vision and a good bit of humor. I have learned so much being in a group of great leaders. These experiences have trained and motivated me. I once thought that I “knew it all” only to find out that I knew very little, especially that I once though I could make life work alone on my own. Also, I have learned that I am not always right and that a good dose of courage and humility are essential.

For all my blog readers, lets all try this together.  Let go of hate, resentment, fear, doubt and grudges. Hating someone else is just the same as drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Forgive and release (not easy for me).Take a deep breath and get involved with a team. Whether you volunteer for an extra task at your workplace, your place of worship, a civic group, or helping plan an event. Go in with an open mind and be a part of a “Dream Team”. It will change your life.

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