No 40 10-4-19 “How to Find Your Hero”

No 40 10-4-19 “How to Find Your Hero”

I have always looked for heroes, and I have had many in my life. My father, Troy D. Woodbury, Sr. was a major hero and mentor in my life. Being born in 1909, daddy had a unique outlook on life. He was smart, hard-working, frugal, faithful and a great man of service and faith.

Jim Byrd was a hero to me for 16 years. Even on his death bed, Jim always said to me “It will get better” and it did. I owe so much to his example of integrity and faithfulness. Jim was always a giving person in every way.

Now, so many years later, I have my hero for the rest of my life. He is Joel Rieck (his birthday is this October 22nd). He is the kindness person I have ever met next to my mother, J. Clair Woodbury. Joel is smart, intuitive, strong, always a self-starter, and he is a winner. Joel knows what to do in every situation and he always knows what to say. Buy the way, he has not yet bonked me in the head which I often deserve!

Joel is patient and kind. He put himself through college with a double major and paid his full way on his own to college. Amazing for a young person in today’s world.

I can trust Joel in every way. He is a steady stream of dependability, and good with me since I am a train wreck. He has visited the graves of my dear parents and Jim Byrd, and patiently held me as I wept each time. His family has accepted me as their own for which I am so very thankful.

Joel is an exceptional franchisee and manager and teacher and coach. I watch him grow daily into the best franchisee I have ever known. He has a God-given ability to get through any storm that life brings to him. Joel is great with finances and is trustworthy in business. He always looks for a great solution to every challenge. I am so lucky to know him.

A person like Joel needs to be recognized and appreciated, so I say a hearty “Thank You” to Joel Rieck. I am amazed by his leadership skills and his kind attitude to all around him. He is a good tipper and kind to servers and strangers. He always has a little song in his voice and a sweet greeting and smile for all.

So how do you find your hero in life? Well, first, become the person you want to find. If you want someone smart, then be smart. Want a faithful person, then be faithful. Want a fun person, learn to laugh and enjoy life. After you embody all the characteristics of the perfect person you want to come into your life, they will magically appear and be perfect for you. You will have a happy life together.

Weather the storms of life and learn that rough times are going to come your way. Learn and remember that things will get better and good times are ahead. Don’t give up, don’t settle as Joel says, and have a lot of patience. Heroes are often made through the daily tasks that slowly but surely sharpen us and mold us.

Before you go looking for heroes in your life, first become a hero for others.

Thank you to Joel Rieck, my true hero.

Thanks for reading,

Keep on Dancing!

PS, taking an Aloha break and will publish my next blog on October 25th!