No 38 9-20-19 “Life as a Dream Maker” by David Woodbury

No 38 9-20-19 “Life as a Dream Maker” by David Woodbury

As a dream maker, I have lived through many trials that have almost taken my dreams away. I have been challenged by non-dreamers, or those with a different vision, or they may be just as passionate about their own dreams and we’re on different life paths. For those who make my dreams come true, I strive to help them achieve their own successes and protect their dreams as they protected mine.

– Lady Gaga (1986)

American singer-songwriter

Trials can take your dreams away. The non-dreamers, those with a different vision, or just on another path can try to kill your dreams. The stronger my vision gets, the more my dreams become reality, the more opposition I find in life. As my dreams grow, I find daily opposition from places that I never imagined, from those closest to me, from those I trust, from those I depend on.

There are those who do help make my dreams come true, and I live to help them realize their own hopes, dreams, and goals in life. For someone who just gives a tiny inch of encouragement to help me see more clearly, and make my dreams a reality, I will devote myself to helping them.

“When nothing is sure, everything is possible.”

– Margaret Drabble (1939)

English Novelist

There are many times when I feel like the world is falling in around me and I have zero support. Truly, nothing seems sure to me. At these rough times, somehow, I am able to see clearly and I can see everything becoming possible and becoming a reality. During these times when all I feel is opposition, I achieve my greatest successes and learn my best life lessons.

“Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.”

– Julie Andrews (1935)

English film and stage actress

Many times, I fear that I have given up long before the 19th time. I get impatient, frustrated, and my deadly sin is anger. I get angry at the situation. I quit; I give up. As I get older, I am beginning to take just a minute and slow down and wait a minute before I just blow up with any situation and I take a deep breath and realize that good words will keep my blood pressure down and keep me mentally relaxed and sharp.

“It teaches the strong to know when they are weak and the brave to face themselves when they are afraid. To be proud and unbowed in defeat yet humble and gentle in victory. And to master ourselves before we attempt to master others. And to learn to laugh, yet never forget how to weep. And to give the predominance of courage over timidity.”

– General Douglas MacArthur, On the virtues of competitive athletics (1880 – 1964)

American five-star general and field marshal 

Today, I am learning mastery. It takes great strength and bravery. It means letting go of pride and gaining humility. I try to smile and laugh more, and I don’t have to try to cry, I do that every day. Once life has broken you, tears are immediate and come freely and somehow, they have a healing power and help to calm and relax you. All this is fueled with fearless courage.

“You show up on time. When you say you’re going to do something, you try to do your best at it. You don’t backstab people. You don’t bitch and complain about what you’re doing. Being compassionate is big. And it’s always important to act like a gentleman.”

– Scott Eastwood on the code taught by his father Clint Eastwood (1986)

American actor

For now, I will be on time, do my best, hold my tongue when needed, not complain and be compassionate. As my dad always said to my mom “Be sweet Ms. W”. I think of that every day and I do try to be a kinder person.

Lord, give me strength to walk in light and live in peace.

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David Earl Woodbury

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