02 1-11-19 “All the great things are simple.”

02 1-11-19 “All the great things are simple.”

“All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope.”

– Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965) British Politician

Do you ever make life harder than it is? I do. I worry too much, and I mess myself up with my own thoughts. My thoughts can keep me from experiencing freedom, much less mercy and hope. Yet, I do know that the answers to peace of mind are always the simple answers.

Even though I know the simple answers to life: faith, family, fidelity, health and service, my mind strays to the dark side. When I awaken, and begin to let thoughts fill my mind, I stop and fill my thoughts with living water. The water is full of light and I see it flowing over, though, and around me. If I am feeling a bit of panic before an extra big day, I let my visualization take me to a place where I am inside the living waters of light and life. This mediation has not let me down once. It is simple and effective.

“I am convinced that the world is not a mere bog in which men and women trample themselves and die. Something magnificent is taking place here amidst the cruelties and tragedies, and the supreme challenge to intelligence is that of making the noblest and best in our curious heritage prevail.”

– Charles A. Beard (1874 – 1948) American historian

When the going gets tough, sometimes I feel I’m in the bog of life. Then I realize that there is a purpose, a reason, a vision, a path of life that lies before me. Yes, there are plenty of cruelties and tragedies, but there are also great victories and achievements in life as well. Always, when the tough times pass, I look back with such clarity and realize that I could not see how many great things were happening all at once. Let this saying strengthen you, “It will get better”, and it does!

“Great is the road I climb, but the garland offered by an easier effort is not worth the gathering.”

– Sextus Propertius, (50 BC – 16 AD) Roman Poet

Yes, I’m always looking for the easier way. The simpler way, the true path of honor, duty and mercy, and sometimes there just is not an easy way to get through the day. There are some tasks that will just nearly break you, wear you out, use all your energy, and take all your resources. What we don’t see at the time is how much we are growing, learning,expanding, realizing, and progressing during the tough tasks.

“True courage is not the brutal force of vulgar heroes, but the firm resolve of virtue and reason.”

– Alfred North Whitehead (1861 – 1947) English mathematician and philosopher

Do I have courage? I’m not sure. I have vision, determination, passion for life, a strong desire to serve and lead others, but I think most of the time I lack courage. What I do have is the ability to get myself up, be prepared, show up, and do the task with all my heart to the best of my ability. Am I the best, I don’t know? I do know that I will try the hardest and put my whole heart into the dream and vision that is becoming a reality.

Yes, the answers are easy, all great things are simple. Just remember it will get better, and when it does for you, help someone else get through their challenges and help them make their own dreams come true.

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David Earl Woodbury

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