Week #1 No 1 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury, davidearlwoodbury@gmail.com
Friday, January 6, 2017
The Waters of Life!
Each morning I visualize and meditate.  I visualize my that spirit body is sitting in a waterfall flowing from a creek that is about 20 feet wide and the water fall is about 10 feet high. The rocks are smooth and the water flows gently and easily. There is a little crawl space in the back of the waterfall, and the cascading waters forms a clear pool at the bottom.
This is not regular water; it is the water of life. It has light inside that sparkles and it contains energy. You feel healing, power, and cleansing from the water. It has its own life and it comes from a never ending source.
When I first awaken in the morning, I’m being washed in the water. Sometimes I’m even resting behind the waterfall in a small alcove. Recently I have awakened to being in the pool, swimming and safe and resting completely in the healing water.
In the past, as I awoke, I realized that my heart had black shards of glass embedded in it. These chards were fragments of troubles and anger. I would pull them out of my heart and wash my heart in the waters of life. Then, I realized that my mind, my brain, had negative thoughts. I would take my brain and give it a soapy washing. The soap had light and life in it as well (hopefully a dream in the future will tell me what the soap is made of).
Now, when I awaken, a new heart is waiting for me (Create in me a clean heart oh God, and renew a right spirit within me. Psalm 51.10 KJV) and I have a new fresh and clean mind waiting for me. Upon awakening, I’m usually sitting under the waters and I’m free from the heartaches of life and the dread of the day. I’m safe and at peace.  My eyes then open and immediately I then have a new mind and a fresh heart to start the day.
This experience has been coming to me for over 14 years now. It is only now that my morning “dream” is clear to me and I am now able to capture the dream before it vanishes. Now, the meditation is a part of my life, my day, my thinking.
Each day begins with a fresh start, a fresh heart, and a mind free from worry. Trust me, the reality of life is there waiting for my conscious state of mind, but it does not get the best of me first thing in the morning.
During rough times, I just remain in the pool of the life water and wait until I am healed before awakening and coming to the surface. (I can breathe in the waters of life.) Other times, I have awakened away from the waters and I have a thick blanket of light cover me and shielding me.  Sometimes there has been a circle of energy that surrounds me and protects me. It is a cocoon of light and is impenetrable to negative energy.
Much of this is a mystery to me. If you know the answers, please email me. If you think all this is crazy, it is very real to me, and real on a daily basis.
Next blog will be on cleansing my physical body with light. I’ll share with you what
I have found with this light and how I free myself and use the light of life for healing. We’ll even relate this to dancing!
Thank you for reading!
David Earl Woodbury
Keep on Dancing!