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No 52. Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, December 26, 2015
What is your word for 2016?
One of our dancers and our friend, Erin Deviny, introduced me to this concept of finding your word for the year. Her word for 2015 was “Unparalleled” and for 2016 is “Risk”. Such powerful words! They go with empowered, growth, release, exploration. Erin loves words and I was just drinking in her message as she is preparing her positive attitude for the new year.
Erin also gave me an alternative for the New Year’s Resolution. Take a big glass jar and write down all the wonderful thing that happen to you during the year. Save them, and read them at the end of the year. What an amazing thought. New Year’s Resolutions are great, but sometimes tough to keep. Remembering the wonderful things that happen all year and reading those on your next New Year’s eve. Now that’s exciting!
What’s my word? Guess what? It’s “Unforgettable”. Just as Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole sang:
In Every Way,
And Forever More
That’s How You’ll Stay.
Why Unforgettable for 2016? Well, I want to leave a legacy of giving service to others. Leave a legacy of
helping to change lives. Leave a legacy to those who don’t think that they can make it, and show them that they can make it in their lives. That “having it all” sometimes means helping others to “have it all” in their lives. As it is said, you can have everything you want in your life as long as you help other have what they want in their lives.
What will be your word for 2016? Prepared – Excited – Empowered – Healthy – Successful – Mentoring – Live-Changer – Incredible? What is your theme for the new year?
To be unforgettable, I have to get out there and let others know first how truly great they are and the amazing potential for greatness that they have locked inside of themselves. I have unlocked my own greatness box and I’m trying to hang on as the new life flows out. What is the fuel for all of this energy…the desire to give direction to others and to help them grow in their lives.
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Do I know how to do everything? Well, to be honest, no. I know a few things in my life and I do them quite well. But for the things I cannot do, I have surrounded myself with the most amazing friends, leaders and mentors who can do the things I cannot, and we share our gifts with one another.
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Do I have fear of failure? As a blogger and writer and speaker, I’m supposed to say “No”, but I do have fears of failure. I usually don’t fail because I’m moving forward so fast in my life trying to accomplish great things daily. If I can create some magic each day, motivate someone, get and share a great idea, or just check off a few important items daily, I’m happy. Daily I’m moving forward in my life, living my dream.
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Exercise: Take a piece of paper, or your computer, tablet, cell, or Etch a Sketch and write down a few words. It’s OK to write anything that comes to mind. It does not all have to pie in the sky stuff. But I want you to write down some life altering thoughts as well. Put this list under your pillow and sleep on it. Then wake up and choose a word for your year of 2016!
Then, find a memory jar, or a file box, or daily journal or blog, and write down the wonderful things in your life that happen each day. Put your word-for-the-year on the outside of your memory jar and think about it daily. Then, at the end of the year, pull out your thoughts and have a cup of tea and fill your heart and mind and soul with the beautiful experiences of your 2016. Have a peaceful and safe and Happy Holiday everyone!
David Woodbury
Keep on Dancing!