DEW Good Photo 11-7-
No 7. Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, February 13, 2015
David Woodbury
I love to make eggs. Scramble, fry, hard or soft boil, poached. Eggs are good for protein, and flavor. You may use the whole egg, whites, or yolk. You may whip the whites and bake with them. Omelets, cakes, all baking, we just rely the magic of eggs in our cuisine.
You may crack the eggs with one hand or two. Egg shells are extremely strong and are capable of holding an amazing amount weight without breaking or cracking. On the other hand, your egg may roll off the counter and smash on the floor, unusable for your meal. I always check my eggs at the market for broken shells and carefully take them home with me for delicious meals.
Eggs may be used as weapons and can ruin a car’s paint job. Eggs are used in our daily language “All your eggs in one basket” “Egging me on” “Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?” “You’re a good egg”.
Eggs come in many different sizes and colors. Today you may even order egg substitute at most diners for a low cholesterol heart healthy choice. All over the world, eggs are a major staple in our diets.
Life is like eggs. We all have a tough outer shell that protects us as we nurture and grow. We grow strong until we are able to peck our way out and breathe the fresh air and live on our own.
Some of us are broken. Some are bad eggs. Some of us are hard boiled and tough. Some are just perfect. But we are all eggs just the same.
I think that if we treated each other like eggs we would get along better. We would handle each other with more care. We would realize that we all have endless possibilities and that we are perfectly made.
We all have a few cracks in our shells. We are all different, yet surprisingly the same. Let’s realize that we have the ability to carefully hold one another without breaking each other. We can determine how we are best as eggs, and the best ways we can be used to help others.
Today, go and be a good egg!
Thank you,
David Woodbury