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No 5. Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, January 30, 2015
Today we have heard of the passing of our dear friend, Katrina Rodriguez. Much love and many prayers for Katrina’s dear family. My heart goes out to Tavio and I send strength to you in your time of great loss. I love you my friend.
When the horrible storms of life have passed through my life, it has been very similar to the one house that is standing in the middle of the total desolation after the tornado passed through. You see a house standing with no shingles missing and not a scratch on it. Out walks a lady holding her cat, only to view her neighborhood that has disappeared.
Arthur Murray and my dancing has been that safe house in my life. As the storms of life have passed, including the loss of both parents, and having my life partner pass in my arms, my dancing, my family, Arthur Murray family, and my faith family of St. Monica’s have stood by me to strengthen and comfort me.
I send this love, support and strength out to Katrina’s husband, Tavio. This is an unspeakably hard time in your life and you will ride on the shoulders and love of the prayers of those around you who will hold you up in prayers.
I cannot right my blog. My heart is sobbing. What a terrible loss.
I love and miss you Katrina.
David Woodbury