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No 49 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, December 12, 2014
Love the Holidays with Arthur Murray
Last Sunday we had the Holiday Ball with over 600 dancers and a live wonderful band. Santa came. We sang the 12 Days of Christmas and it was a Toys for Tots benefit! What fun!
We had Agnes Kazmierczak coaching in our studio yesterday. She is one of the featured star dancers on ABC’s Dancing With The Stars. What an amazing day in Santa Monica. We broke the record for most lessons taught in a single week. Our students and staff were amazing!
This Sunday is the Mistletoe Ball hosted by the Beverly Hills Arthur Murray Studio. I can’t wait to dance in the historic Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. All the fabulous decorations, the dance competition, the ball and the pro show. Wow!
Next week is in preparation for Bonus Day for our staff, our staff holiday party, our preparation for January Guest Month ending with the Santa Monica Showcase on January 30th.
Yes, dancing through the holidays with Arthur Murray Santa Monica is FUN and EXCITING! I love the holidays with Arthur Murray. We have so much to look forward to and these exciting events come to us one after the other.
The holidays are not such an easy and joyful time for all. A student friend of mine recently ended up in the ER from heart related problems caused by stress. They were so pressured that the burden overtook them and off to hospital they went. My friend told me on my get well card to heed this wisdom “Don’t let the pressure get to you” “Pace yourself” These are words that I took to heart!
Sometimes the holidays hold rough memories, times of loss and grief. The stress of presents, cards, obligations, work and family pressures can just ruin your whole season. It seems that the people with the most energy are asked to do the most and there is a breaking point even with them.
The solution to all this, come in and dance the blues away. Alone, not when you are dancing with your Arthur Murray family. Sad, not around our wonderful teachers and executives and franchisees. Need something to look forward to, Arthur Murray is full of opportunities to grow and dance and become a superstar!
I think magic is something we all have and we have the ability to create this magic day to day. We can turn a blue day into a day of joy and opportunity. We’ll all get nostalgic during the holidays, yet the old saying goes “The best things happen when you are dancing”. That’s true!
So, enjoy your holidays, no matter how you celebrate them and remember to “Put a Little Fun In Your Life, Try Dancing!
David Woodbury
Next Week: What is your New Year’s Dancing Resolution?