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No 43 Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween!
Pumpkin Carving Contest Two 10-31-14
Don’t Settle For Less
There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it,
perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle
for less.– Kurt Hahn
Pumpkin Carving Contest 10-31-14
Joel Rieck said to me a long time ago to not settle for less. I cannot forget his words. Always strive to be the best, set the best example and do your best in all areas. This quest for perfection and success in all areas is tough, yet very fulfilling. We accomplish so much more as we are moving on the road to success than pulling into a rest area on the side of the road of life.
In Silicon Valley, failure is experience. Now, if you fail at
everything, that’s different. But a failure is a mark of experience
more than anything.– Vint Cerf, One of the Key Creators of the Internet
Will there be failures in our quest for not settling for less? Yes. I still fail in certain areas, yet I am succeeding in many endeavors at the same time. Let’s take Tango for our quest for success. First we begin with a simple T.A.N.G.O. basic and repeat that over and over. Then we add the promenade and finally the famous Tango Dip! Then, we are hooked. We may make a few mistakes, but the reward will come to us in the long run.
It’s easy to settle for less. We accept lesser service, a bad seat, a poor meal, lateness, lack of preparation, even accept some failure and give into it. Not settling means that we set high standards and strive over and over until we see those standards realized.
Along the way, must people give up. They experience an initial success and do not want to work so hard any more. I have many mentors in my life who set the example of how to excel every day in every way. They never let me down or cease to amaze me in their level of service and standard of excellence. These mentors continue to lead and help others and their light never dims and the oil in their lamps never goes empty. The examples of leadership around me are truly inspirational.
How will I not settle in my life? My Achilles’ heal is purely fatigue. When I strive for the highest goals, I feel the surge of power running through me. I can feel the energy taking over my body and I am aware of the magic as it passes through me. Many times after a great success, my shirt is soaked from the power that I felt pass through my soul and mind and through my words. This takes a toll. The upside, I sleep like a baby and I fall asleep instantly. This I have been told is a great blessing. I can feel sleep overtaking me and I am aware that I am gone by the time my eyes are closing. Fatigue, bring it on. I’ll trade it in for the awareness of the power of life and the exhilaration of feeling the electricity of light pulsating through me.
Settle yes, but only for the best in your life. The road is rewarding and the path full of excitement and many rewards.
Love you all,
David Woodbury