2014-03-25 13.06.45
Tip from Gaby
Competitive dancing:
People often ask me, what are you looking for when you are judging Gabriela?
I used to tell them, he who stands up the most wins.
Yes, we are always looking for people that have the best posture, however great posture is not the only ingredient of a champion. Good techniques also come into play but the endgame is how authentic are you and what is it that you are saying through your dancing. Are you saying I just missed that rock step where’s my partner, or are you saying this is the best rock step I have ever danced and I love dancing with my partner!
We are what we think, even on the dance floor .
So pick your thoughts well!
Through your dancing and your thoughts tell us how good you are show us your enjoyment, your confidence your love of dance the love of music. Tell us you love dancing with your partner.
If you can share with us all the good things about your dancing, you will be another step closer to becoming a champion dancer.
Thank You,
Gabriela Young