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Dear Gaby
Tip from Gabriela Young,
Something you may not know about Arthur Murray dance instructors is that we take dance lessons too! I have been teaching dance for 34 years and last weekend I drove all the way to Riverside to take Zouk lessons.
This is one of the new club dances emerging from Brazil here in America. Yes, this is a new dance for me and I have to say that I am loving Zouk. It is a combination of Samba, Salsa, and a touch of Bolero danced to what sounds to me like Rigatoni. It has a soft quality and girls get to feel very feminine. Hey guys, this is a sexy dance!
Tip of the week:
Variety is the spice of life, I know you have heard people say that and to me it’s so true when it comes to dancing.
While mastering a current dance is great, learning a new dance one is even more fun.
Zouk is waiting for you…
Happy dancing everyone
To Dance is to Live!
Thank You,
Gabriela Young