2014-03-25 13.09.36
Dear Gaby
Many of our students have a hard time finding the 1 beat or rhythm in the music, I hear them say “I can’t hear the beat, I don’t know when to start”. They have convinced themselves of this as a fact. Nothing could be further from the truth. I believe that our bodies have a built in natural metronome. All you have to do is find out where in your body your metronome is.
A way for you to find it: while you listen to music see what part of your body reacts to it, sometimes you will find that your head will start bopping up and down, or perhaps your foot will start tapping the floor maybe your hand will start tapping the side of your leg. Guess what, you have found your metronome, now all you have to do is follow the natural instincts of your body and Voilà! You have found the rhythm.
To Dance is to Live!
Thank You,
Gabriela Young