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Gabriela Young
Dear Gaby
An advice column for dancers
Tip from Gaby
When it comes to partnership dancing, looking someone in the eyes goes a long way.
Yesterday while hosting a singles event at the studio
I noticed how difficult it was for some of the men and woman to look into the eyes of the person they were dancing with! Now, I know that it is difficult to learn a step and at the same time be aware of the person you are learning the step with, however this is called partnership dancing for a reason.
You are not alone the minute you touch someone else; you are communicating with them. It does not matter if your eyes are screaming that you have no clue what you’re doing, the main thing is, that you are saying we are in this dance together. This is why I love partnership dancing, because you are never alone!
So next time you’re in class or at a dance, stop looking at your feet, they are still attached to the rest of your body.
Try looking at your partner’s eyes. They will not only appreciate you for it, they will probably have more fun with you on the dance floor!
To Dance is to Live
Thank You,
Gabriela Young