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Tip From Gaby:
How to strengthen your feet and ankles:
First we have to know that we have the use of our feet and ankles available to us, I know that sounds funny
however many of us don’t realize how we can use them.
But I will say that the use of feet and ankles is essential and key not only to look good but also for balance and control.
Find a set of stairs and something you can balance on like a handrail, put the balls of your feet on the edge of the stairs, heels off,
start to raise your heels up as high as you can and hold the position for a moment then repeat, how many times is up to you.
As you improve on your balance with this exercise you will let the handrail go, now try balancing with your arms up hold a frame on the top and again up and down.
Soon you will have your own balance and you’ll be looking great with feet and ankle control.
Have fun with this exercise and remember a little goes a long way.
Gabriela Young