Gabycrop-1 Gabriela Young
Dear Gaby
An advice column for dancers
Recently while on one of my hiking trips, I was aware of how difficult getting up a hill was. Now I have done this hike many times, so I thought it shouldn’t be this difficult to do.
I wondered what my body was doing wrong. In my body awareness I noticed that my posture was out and I was dragging my feet, being a dancer that’s where my mind goes. Once I corrected my posture like I would if I was doing a Waltz and decided to roll thru my feet like I was dancing a Fox Trot, I was able to get up the hill faster and with more ease.
Many of us do not think about how we get from point A to point B while we walk.
Good posture and proper use of feet is great for your body and it’s something you could be doing while you walk, it’s win win.
So next time you walk to the water cooler, elevator or to your car, try to be body aware!
Your body will love you for this and your dance teacher will praise you on how much you have improved your posture and footwork!
To Dance is to Live
Thank You,
Gabriela Young