Happy Birthday To Gabriela!!!!
Dear Gaby – An advice column for dancers
Groups Classes
Many of our new students always say: “I don’t think we are ready for a group class.”
Gaby’s advice:
The sooner you attend a group class the better!
One of the fastest ways to improve on you dancing skills is to attend group classes. Group classes will help you learn your patterns faster.
You will get a lot of practice on your lead or follow and also your timing.
You will pick up a new dances, like Samba or Tango to see if you like them.
It’s a great way to sample dances that are not yet on your current program.
This will free up some valuable time on your private lessons for styling!
So, when your teacher asks you what class your attending this week, tell them “All of them!” LOL
Have a happy Tuesday everyone!
And see you in group class.
Thank You,
Gabriela Young