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David Earl Woodbury – Franchisee
No 9: Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, November 21, 2014
How to get through the Curve of Learning!
“Pa, he always said a man had to look spry for himself, because nobody
else would do it for him; your opportunities didn’t come knocking
around, you had to hunt them up and hog-tie them.”– Louis L’Amour, author
Curve of Learning
The Curve of Learning has so many variations of thought. Lectures are often given on this topic. We often say to new students, or dancers working on a new routines or styles of dance, that between the 3rd and 8th lesson, they may experience a lull in learning. Perhaps even a feel of saturation and that they are not learning as quickly. It is important to remember that this will pass, and the rate of learning will become more consistent and even. This happens to everyone and to know that it is normal and it will pass.
For me, I think thPlanting Seeds for the Futuree Curve of Learning is just to not give up. I am impatient and I struggle for immediate success right now. The prospect of planting seeds and reaping the future rewards does not work well for me. I want it now and quickly. Monsignor asked me how the studio was going recently and I said great, but it’s not fast enough for me and I told him how impatient I am. He laughed and said that he is just the same way. He understood.
Sometimes the Curve of Learning for me is fueled purely by passion and vision. The future is so clear to me that it truly seems real to me in the now, and my vision is so powerful that it sometimes consumes me. I am starting my physical as a 57 year old man. Dr. Felman asked me how I was, and again I said that I had just opened up a new Dance Center in Santa Monica and that I was putting in my all and giving it my all. He was so great to me and so encouraging and he understood the challenges and rewards of creating a reality from a dream.
PassionMy Curve of Learning does not come “every 3rd to 8th anything”. For me, I have to fight for everything I have and let the passion rule my heart and soul. It sometimes feels as if I have an atomic reactor inside my chest. My advice for the Curve of Learning is this…don’t give up. Don’t listen to naysayers. Don’t give into immediate satisfaction. Remember to keep on going and going until the dream is realized and victory is assured.
If I could just say anything to young people, it would be to be your best self. Grab hold of a life dream, and pursue it with all your might. If the path changes, it means you were meant for something else even greater. And to not become discouraged. I had no idea that I might experience some of the “dark night of the soul” in the challenges that we have experienced, but I did. I thought I would never see that dark tunnel ever again.
The joy was finding out that there was once again light at the end of the tunnel, and that time does pass and move forward to good and greater things. Please, just don’t give up. There is truly no one standing in the wings with a box of Kleenex waiting to give you a consolation hug. Get this, WE become the leaders. We give the hugs to others. We become the champions and it is our joy and light to lead others.
Yes, study the Curve of Learning, then put your notes down and go out and make it happen. Turn that curve into a straight arrow of fire that pierces the night and let all excuses vanish and go light up the night and lead in the day.
Thank You,
David Earl Woodbury
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