Gabriela Young – Franchisee
2-11-14 “Polishing the Rock”
Not too long ago, I was talking to an artist friend who is a sculptor.
I asked her “How do you know what the rock you’re sculpting is going to be?”
She told me that when she starts working and polishing the rock that she does not know what it’s going to become. So she starts polishing and polishing and soon the rock starts to take a beautiful form and it becomes a thing of beauty and later a full piece of art!
I started to think about my job here at the Arthur Murray Santa Dance Center of Santa Monica.
As an artist and teacher I see our students come in wanting to learn to dance. Before their transformation, we don’t know what piece of art they will become from our sculpting. With your efforts, you could become fit, more confident, and you’ll look and feel better. You will become your own piece of art and beauty. Like the artist’s rock, it will require a lot of polishing before it takes its final shape.
So let’s get to polishing, take that extra private lesson on your Tango, come to more Salsa and Swing group classes, attend all the practice sessions and let us polish you into the piece of art work that is already inside of you, waiting to be refined and transformed into a masterpiece!
To Dance is to Live!
Gabriela Young