Gabriela Young – Franchisee Arthur Murray Santa Monica
Dear Gaby
Tips for Ballroom Dancers.
Being present.
Recently as I was giving a new student at the Arthur Murray Santa Monica Dance Center his second ever Salsa lesson, I became present of how many things can get in the way of us learning a new task, me included!
So here is my tip of the week, to make it through your dance classes and get the most out of them.
Being present, or as my student said STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES. That means leave your work at your work .
If you come running in 1 minute before for your dance lessons, you will probably waist about 15 minutes of your learning experience.
Solution, get here 15 minutes ahead of time so you can leave your work behind, this way your mind will be on your Salsa lesson not your work load.
You will be more relaxed and more productive this way!
So get here early, get your mind on and body ready.
You will thank me and yourself for this!
To Dance Is To Live,
Gabriela Young