Gabycrop-1Gabriela Young
Just having been at the Hawaii Dance-O-Rama, which is a World class Arthur Murray event, I was reminded of what a great Organization I belong too .
People from all over the world gathered this last weekend in Maui and we kicked off this year with great dancing .
10,000 entries later, 380 participants in all, I was really present to the joy that filled the room, lots of happy faces, some sore feet, just having an amazing time …
The oldest participant 95 years young, his name is Robert from Chicago .
I have seen Robert’s dancing evolve now for the last 13 years. His dancing improves every year. What I was most impressed with was his posture. He is taller, his shoulders are back, his back is straight and he has grown several inches. His memory is sharp and he smiles all the time. Robert danced 80 entries in total and won top student in his division…go Robert!
Moral of the story, you are never to old to start dancing. Thank you Robert for being an inspiration and a testament of what dancing can do for you!
To Dance Is To Live!
Gabriela Young