By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, December 27, 2013
Happy Dancing New Year 2014
Let’s Get Up and Dance in 2014!
A year ago I did not know I would be sitting in a new office, glass wall facing Broadway in the heart of Santa Monica writing a blog from our new Dance Center! Wow, what a change a year can make. Now, I am imagining the next blog 365 days from now and how it will read. Let’s see, let’s give this a try.
2014 was a great year. We began as a new Arthur Murray Dance Center in Santa Monica, and now we are one of the top Dance Studios in the world! Last year at this time we had just put up our “Grand Opening” sign, just started teaching lessons, and were new to the area.
Now, everyone knows Arthur Murray! We are in full outreach in the community and the City of Santa Monica. We have outreach with the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce, we are involved in City Events,  we are successful in many organizations and businesses in our neighborhood. We regularly hear folks saying “Aren’t you the Arthur Murray guys?” We have become a part of the city!
It seems just a moment ago that we opened, and now we are so grateful for the tremendous success we have experienced. Thank you all!
Now, back to today…I think this is a good prediction for the upcoming year. For you and your life, your families, and your loved ones, I wish you all a wonderful year of service and success.
This is how I define success, how much we have given back to our community, how many lives we have changed, how we have given back to all those around us. Recently I chatted with one of the most successful business women in Santa Monica. She is widely known and respected and she said this to me: “I have no idea of how much I made last year or how much I spent, and I don’t care. How much service I gave to others is all that matters to me.” Wow, that blew me over and truly touched me. She is wildly successful, yet she lives in the business module of wealth only through a live of service to others.
Why did this take me so long to learn, I don’t know. Yet I know that now I truly believe that our health is our wealth and the amount of income we desire is based on the amount of service we give others. This is the formula, you can have everything you want in your life as long as you help others get what they want in their lives!
Ok, let’s get some homework on the table:
1. Write down your 2014 goals, I mean on paper with a pen (then you can post them on FB)
2. Speak your goals aloud and say them over and over.
3. Post them where you can see them (bathroom mirror)
4. TELL them to someone you can trust (then someone you don’t like, they’ll keep you real)
5. Lastly, TAKE ACTION and start the ball rolling to achieve your goals.
Happy New Year 2014All this talk about goals is truly how the successful live. Everyone in life who is prosperous has set goals and they work hard to achieve them. Will it be hard, well, what do you think…Yes. Any change is downright hard, but change is inevitable in life and it will happen one way or the other, so you might as well plan on change so the ball is in your court for the game of life.
I am planning on a great 2014 with huge success. I plan on health, faith, achievement, growth, and prosperity in every form. I am focusing on a great year of dancing and building a studio known for the very highest standard of dance and instruction.
So, as this blog ends, put on some music, get up and dance…dance around the room. Go to work and dance, dance in the kitchen, dance with friends, dance at the market, dance everywhere you go, and add a smile and some laughter. With that you will not want for anything in your life!
Thank You!
David Earl Woodbury
Next Week: Make January Your Success Month!