Dear Gaby

An advice column for dancers

  • To be a really good dancer, you must be able to dance without having to think about your steps. Your feet must learn to respond easily to the rhythm of the music; you must be able to follow without apparent effort.
  • Remember—confidence is the name of the game. And confidence comes only with knowledge and practice.
  • Cultivate lightness. It is vital. Practicing the basic steps in dancing—especially practicing alone—is the trick in learning lightness.
  • Keep your feet out of your partner’s way. Develop a long, free back step by swinging from the hip. Once the basic steps become second nature, learn a variety of steps to improve your dance repertoire for more interest and fun.
  • Move naturally, easily and comfortably. Don’t be self-conscious or still.

To dance is to live 

Thank You,

Gabriela Young