No 5: Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, December 6, 2013
Angels In Our Midst!
Angel in Church 12-6-13Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Hebrews 13:2
We are in the season of angels. We see them on cards, at Macy’s, on beautifully decorated trees, and on many holiday decorations all around us. But ask yourself this; are we truly surrounded by angels?
This is a dance blog on angels and it came to me in the wee hours Monday morning.  I have a phrase in my daily mantra, “I am free from fear, anger, depression, resentment and unforgiveness” and I say it daily. Then it dawned on me that I was angry and was holding on to fear and was acting in an unforgiving manner.  Then I remembered that I pray daily for 14 angels to watch over me, from the story of Hansel and Gretel. Then, I realized that my angels can protect me from these demons.
Wow, what a sense of peace came over me.  I cannot overcome all this by myself, but through the guidance of my physical and spiritual angels, I can overcome all.
How does relate to my dancing?  Well, just the love of dancing is not enough for me.  Or just taking lessons here and there. As a studio owner, even running a dance center is not enough.  But it IS enough if you combine our wonderful receptionist, all our staff and executives, and the beautiful students we have.  At Arthur Murray, we call this the full dance experience and this is what has made Arthur Murray great for many, many years.
No single teacher can provide the full dance experience, yet through the Arthur Murray system, the Privates, Groups, and Parties combined, make the dance journey a joy and a wonderful learning experience.
Who are your angels?  I have many.  I do believe that I have met real angels in my life and that they have guided and protected me.  The unseen guides in my life are also present and working to keep me safe in my daily life.  I believe that angels have guided me in my dancing life and have stood with me as doors of opportunity have opened before me.
Do you ever hear that still small voice in your head that says “Don’t do that” “Don’t go there” “Move forward now” “Speak up now” “Take action NOW”.  Yes you have heard these voices speaking to you, and so have I. As I get older, I am listening to these voices more and more and I am obeying their commands.  Who do you think these voices are?  I think I know!
Male Angel 12-6-13What a sad life for me if I did not have my faith and beliefs.  My faith is so strong that I do not even fear doubt.  I believe what I believe and it empowers me.  On our TV in the studio Welcome Area, we have a clip of Bob Powers and Julia Gorchakova dancing the Bolero. They dance with such presence and belief and a full commitment.  Call it what you want, but they have faith in their dancing. Ever meet someone who was obsessed with their goals and dreams? Even met them along the way as their dreams came true?
Hold on to your dreams. Don’t give up.  You can dance, you can be healthy, you can be free from the demons that hold you back and you can make it!
Exercise: Go through a day and be “on the lookout” for angels.  Who are they, where are they, can you see them?  Perhaps take a week and check out all the “coincidences” that happen to you and watch and see who is involved.  Perhaps a perfect stranger comes up to you and offers a word of comfort, guidance or praise.  Take a moment and say “Thanks” and drink in their presence.
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Thank You!
David Earl Woodbury 
Next Week: Dance through the Season!