No 4: Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, November 29, 2013
Jump Start Your Dancing!
Now we are into the Holidays! Wow, and it seems as if it’s here so quickly! Does it seem as if time truly flies by to you? For me, it seems as if just yesterday we were looking for new studio spaces (February 7, 2013) and now we are open in a beautiful new Arthur Murray Dance Center in the heart of Santa Monica!  Yes, time moves quickly.  It all seemed to happen too fast, yet I felt that things were moving too slowly at the same time!
 Jump-Start-Your-Spark 11-29-13
What I have learned is that most things happen in the right time. Now that right time might be when the most wonderful new person happens to walk in our front door and become a student or to the workman who needed 15 phone calls to come in. Patience is a virtue, and one that I desire to have more of, yet I have found that persistence is truly the way to go and keeping a smile and a song in my heart.  That has taken me a long way in this great journey.
How can you Jump-Start your dancing?  First, take a minute and dream of what you want.  We dreamed of having a new studio and starting our own business, and here we are.  Take your dream and do two things; First, tell someone your dream, then Secondly, write it down in clear terms with a date of competition in mind.
The self-help books always use to bother me when they said, write out your goals.  Let me tell you, in this journey I have had to write out our dream as a formal Business Plan many, many times.  To get our location and backing, I had to write many letters stating what we wanted to do and when and how we planned to realized our dreams.  Now, I believe in the real world in writing out your goals.  And get this, you’ll have to write them over and over and update them. Lucky I write a lot of blogs and am constantly writing dreams into realities!
Write out “I want to be a great, exciting dancer” “I want to be in great health and great shape” “I want to feel young and limber” “I want others to admire me and watch me dance” “I want to overcome stress and shyness and meet new friends”. The list many go on and on and each time you write you will become stronger and more sure of your goals. Then, take action with your dream sheet!  First, point your browser to the Arthur Murray Dance Center of Santa Monica and peruse our great site.  Then, pick up the phone, call us and make an appointment.  You’ll be excited and elated, and you’ll be tempted to cancel the appointment, but don’t do it.  When we call you to confirm your lesson, say “YES, I’ll be there!” and show up. Your whole life will change.
Live the Life you've imagined 11-29-13
When you come into your first Arthur Murray Dance Center wherever it may be, you will be greeted by friendly professionals who will know your dancing needs and make you feel welcome and they’ll take good care of you.  The moment you take the dance floor with your fantastic teacher, the magic will begin. Time will fly, worries will disappear, health will be restored, and hope renewed.  You will begin your dancing journey with a starter program and perhaps all the way to the Bronze Medalist Program.  Who knows, you may dance a spotlight someday or even compete!
Live your dreams.  It will try you, test you, mold you, and form you into a new person.  The first step is taking action and following through with your dream until you are living in a new reality. This is my dream come true and I am living it. I am the example of making a wish, a dream, a hope, a desire, all come true. You can do it too, I know that you can.  I love you and am proud of you, so get up…and boogie!
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Thank You!
David Earl Woodbury 
Next Week: Dance through the Season!