No 2: Changing Lives through Dancing
By David Earl Woodbury
Friday, November 15, 2013
Being Truly Thankful!
My last blog was October 18th. We did
Studio Sign 11-6-13not have much furniture, a sign, or even our web site. Now we are almost done with the build out and now our new studio is so beautiful!
 We are living our dream each day as many new students walk in the door and ask to take lessons.  The atmosphere of the studio is welcoming and our whole philosophy is hospitality to everyone!
We have the most wonderful teachers who are excited to be teaching and sharing their knowledge and love of dance with our great city of Santa Monica.  It is so beautiful here as we are in the heart of the city in our wonderful location just blocks from the ocean. We have great parking in an elegant building.
During most days, we leave our front and back doors open to let the fresh ocean breezes come through our studio.  The Santa Monica Arthur Murray Dance Center is so gorgeous that many come in just to see the ballroom, have a cup of coffee, and then continue on to schedule their first lessons.
We have already had four guests of friends who have booked their first lesson.  Our goal is to be the number one Guest studio for Arthur Murray in the world…and we’ll do it!
You can feel the magic of dance as you walk through our amazing front lobby area into the attractive ballroom with our new beech hardwood floor and magnificent new sound system.  The music is just perfect and never to loud and it’s tuned to the room for perfect acoustics.
We are so proud to be Arthur Murray Franchisees and proud to be a part of the Great City of Santa Monica.  Please like us on Facebook at Arthur Murray Santa Monica, and then continue to visit our web site at for studio updates and upcoming events.
How will YOU benefit from all of this?  Well, we have the state of the art system of teaching and the best teachers in the world to show you the moves.  If you’re a computer nut, our FREE WIFI is 500/75, and we give you the key to use while you are in the studio before or after your lessons.  If you’re not into computers, come in and have a cup of coffee or tea, relax, practice in our ballroom and make yourself at home.  We have a café area and a kitchen so you can come and spend the day with us!
Our Ballroom 11-5-13What about the dancing in Santa Monica?  Well, we have Miss Gabriela Young as one of our owners and she is on the National Dance Board for Arthur Murray International, Inc.  She is one of the top coaches and judges in the world and is at the helm of the dance standard in our school.
Our other franchisee, Mr. Joel Rieck, is our studio supervisor and in charge of all the advanced teaching department and all studio events.  He is a certified dancer with Arthur Murray and had been successful in every area of the Arthur Murray Dance World! He is an amazing choreographer and will put the magic into anyone’s routine!
As for me, the last 37 years with Arthur Murray have flown by, and now I’m happy, happy, happy in my new studio home!
Thank You!
David Earl Woodbury 
Next week: Dance Through The Holidays!